We buy vintage!

Interested in selling us vintage clothing?

Have a few pieces you've outgrown and are looking to get rid of? Looking to help liquidate your grandparents clothing from their estate? We are interested!

We buy vintage all the time! From single pieces to entire collections, we would love to talk to you about cashing you out for your vintage clothing. 

We are currently very interested in hats, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, pants, and film cameras. If you have something else that doesn't fit this list, no problem! Drop us a line anyway. If we are not interested chances are we know someone who is. 

Once we have agreed on an offer for your clothing and your payment has been issued(cash or store credit), the agreed upon offer is final. We do not issue refunds after you have accepted our payment to you. If you have questions about our offer, please ask us before accepting our offer! We are happy to offer more insight as to how we have calculated the value of your items.

We are interested in vintage clothing no matter the condition! Some vintage pieces are still very valuable despite stains, rips, or holes. And some vintage clothing actually looks better with imperfections, such as denim!

Location of the clothing does not matter. We are happy to visit and pick through boxes of clothing, storage units, dusty attics, dark basements, old barns, messy rooms. We've seen it all and do not judge, we've found some of our favorite pieces in these locations.

Depending on how many pieces, we are willing to drive out to you or we can arrange to pay for shipping for the items. 

Don't have time and just want the stuff gone? No problem! We gladly accept bulk donations for clothing. Contact us to schedule a pick up. We just ask that you only include clothing in the donations and no dirty socks or undergarments. Once we pick up your donation we will process it, and whatever clothing we are not interested in will be donated to a local non-profit church that supplies the less fortunate with clothing for free.

Also as a thank you for donating us clothing, we are happy to give you a discount for 30% off your next purchase. Contact us for details.

Contact us today!